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The Green Team

Our history

Sep 2016

Idea was born

In end Avgust 2016 our team has start develop our superlative GingerDrink
Sept 2016-April 2017

Idea evolved

In this timeframe we were finilyzing product with lots of failure and missproducts. Begining of April we finally pick up name - we call it simple and we registered domain.
May-June 2017

Team member gets emloyeed on MRA

Our idea was pitched at MRA bussines accelerator and 1 month later our developer member Bojan Gradisnik gets employed on MRA to finalizing product . Our project was chosen among over 100 projects and proof we are on right path.
23th July 2017

ICO campain

ICO will start on 23th July 2017 and will last until 20th Avgust. More to come